rare-sapphire2y ago

antd filter table

consider an example of antd table with columns as name,age,dob,and id . i am able to filter ant table with only one column values of name using setFilters . But i want to filter it with all values of the columns of ant table . so how to achieve it using setFilters? like u have search search component in fine foods example
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Omer2y ago
Hey @rehan1 , You can't do this with Ant design's column filters, but you can do it with an external filter form with onSearch event. Example: https://example.admin.refine.dev/orders?pageSize=10&current=1 Source code: https://github.com/pankod/refine/blob/next/examples/fineFoods/admin/antd/src/pages/orders/list.tsx#L48