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Devtools login issue

Refine devtools forces me to log in via google or github. When doing so, it takes me to a new website with /login every time and keeps me in this loop.

Ant design table

```ts export default function PostList() { const { tableProps } = useTable<Course>() return (...

How do I get the total count?

``` const { dataGridProps, search, filters } = useDataGrid<BaseRecord, HttpError, IShipmentFilterVariables>({ pagination: { mode: 'server', }, ...

I would like to display a required message at the bottom of the form input when the input is not ent

``` <FormControl> <FormLabel>{isPay ? '추가 지급할 적립금' : '회수할 적립금'}</FormLabel> <OutlinedInput type="number"...

auth page tailwind customize?

How to customize the tailwind on auth page component?


How to use many?

Hello i'm new using refine my problem is the the dashboard not showing up

So when I try to login with google the google login pop up doesn't load (only shows a white screen and stays that way); this keeps happening in different browsers. What could be the problem? by the way i changed the client_id variable by creating the OAuth 2.0 Client ID but it stills the same.

I am getting an error as unexpected end of JSON input can anyone help with it?

Hey I am trying to build an auth page The login screen is showing errors as "Unexpected end of JSON format"
what is my error and how should i rectify it?...


canExcess with mui examples

if authenticated

I want to add a conditional button for link to "dashboard" if logged in on public page

Invoice number

What's the best practice creating or generating the invoice number? Should I use the ID or a custom code to generate a number Wich will reset on every new year?

translate inside accessControlProvider

How can I use the translate methods from i18n inside the access control provider to translate error messages?

CanAccess in react-router-dom

How can I use CanAccess with react-router-dom

Access Control based on current users subscription

I am building an app with a subscription system and I would like to disallow the user from creating, updating and deleting when their subscription status is not "active", the subscription can be found in "api/tenants/current". How can I do that with the react router and the create button and everything, without using cerbios or something.

deploying a refine project to Zoho Catalyst. Currently i can run locally fine but not via catalyst

My last error is because the server side index.html file doesnt seem to be getting created in the build folder: (base) jamesspalding@Jamess-MacBook-Pro refine % node ./scripts/filesHelper.js -c ./client/.next/ ./build/client/ Copy completed successfully. (base) jamesspalding@Jamess-MacBook-Pro refine % node server/index.js...


How to disable a form if a resource is inactive

Filter equal

Hi, how can I simply get all resources in the useTable for the resource GET /offers?BuildingId=${id}?

saveButtonProps doesnt retain filters

Hello, i've got an issue using the saveButtonProps while having filters or even change page sizes when i edit. I've managed to return while retaining the filters when canceling the edit modal using the useBack hook, but on save using the saveButtonProps i return to the list view with no filters....

custom onFinish mui

create a custom onFinish in mui "create"