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Passing additional query params in useSelect

How can I pass additional query params when I call the refine antd useSelect?

Layout Font size

How to configure font size for the entire app

weird thing with showButton

I just got a weird behavior with a showButton on one page I have showButton working well with the shown as link, on another page, code is the same, I have no link. I am connected to a strapi and with ant-design...


How to warm me onCancel: onCancel={() => { if (onCancel) { onCancel(); return;...

Different set of resource based on path

Hi, is it possible to have a different set of resource based on the first segment of the path? e.g. for /path1/... I want the resources to be [...

How to define GraphQL Schema?

Hey I am running a backend django + strawberry and refine with graphql to make some calls and read data. I keep getting TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'count') ...

Data picker MUI

I try to user the <DatePicker /> component from Material Ui, but this not show anything


How to disable telemetry?

How can I change data before initializing the form in Edit scenario

Hello, I am currently switching from react-admin and I am loving Refine so far. I am looking to the the reverse of "How can I change the form data before submitting it to the API" which is shown here. In Edit scenario, (I am using Edit from @refinedev/mui), my API is returning a field called dueDate which is string but I have to turn it into a Dayjs to to initialize the DatePicker properly. Also, there might be other cases for transforming the data coming from the API before the form can be initialized. Any pointers will be appreciated....

Sending meta with routes in show button

I want to have two buttons in my list view that are both show buttons but use the meta parameter to add additional state information. Doesn’t seem to work. Am I approaching this right? Basically on the show page I should be about to show different content based on this state variable. Ideally it shouldn’t show in the url route....

Nesting theme providers

Is it possible to nest theme providers?

How to get relational data?

import { useResourceParams, useTable } from "@refinedev/core"; import { Card, Table } from "antd"; import React from "react"; import { useParams } from "react-router-dom"; ...

refine-firebase with local emulator

Have anyone tried to make refine-firebase connect with local machine firebase-emulator?

sandbox previews in docs in my local is not working.

As the title says , i want to check for changes in the code sandbox previews of the docs. but when running docs locally , none of the previews work. what is the solution here ??

Convert to url

how to convert a filed data to url: exemple: I wanto to convert the "image"in url const { data: imageCheck, isLoading } = useOne<IWorkers>({ resource: "workers", id:, liveMode: "off",...

How can I add custom items to the sider, including a menu item with a sub menu

I know I can use the Sider render function or the resource definition to add items to the sider, but I would like to add a sub menu to the sider in ant design. The menu item should be called "Team Settings" and the items under this should be single pages, one as General, one for members (this could be a team meber lists), one for Email and one for api keys (another list)

UPload Image

How to upload image using strapi4

redirect to external website

How can I redirect a user to an external website using the refine hooks in react router dom?

Get response from onCreate mutate

I want to create a resource item in my backend, so I thought I would use useCreate instead of a regular post request, however I want to now be able to read the response of this request. ``` const { mutate } = useCreate(); ...

Is it possible to create a NextJS project with ChakraUI ?

I want to create a NextJS refine panel using ChakraUI, is this possible? Because I can only find the Vite project for ChakraUI and the presented UI Frameworks are Ant, Material and Headless when creating a new project