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Login issues

I don't know why when i first login the resources are not loading in the sider. The access control provider is not loading as well. Edit/show/delete buttons are disabled. I have to refresh the page to load resources in the sider and enforce access control rules. The table is loading with data....

implement multitenancy from scratch Can you give me detailed steps on how I should approach a custom multitenancy implementation based on using react router, a custom data provider using graphql, and a custom auth provider?

Items in Sidebar take multiple reloads to show up after saving

Not sure if anyone else has run into this. I noticed that after making some changes and saving, the options in the side bar (created by the passed resources) take 2 reloads to show up. Not sure what's causing this or if there is a remedy.

SEE Server Sent events

Is there any examples of SEE server sent event providers

Antd filter dropdown types doesn't include clearFilters prop Antd filter dropdown types doesn't include clearFilters prop and is breaking the build step. How can I debug this?

Custom api endpoint with useUpdate

Is it possible to provide mutate a custom api endpoint when using the useUpdate data hook? I want to get the flexibility of useCustom but be able to make the call in response to a user action like pressing a button.

sql database backend recommendation

I am currently working with the refine demo page for a custom crm im building but it does not yet have a backend. Any recommendations ? My current dataset is in postgresql and don’t have much knowledge on what best yet to use for my backend

error on useRegister

How can handle the error, to show in the inputs, when the useRegister catch a error?

Make a card with strapi

Make a card with latest data modification with strapi provider and antd


I need to add the cloning action, but it seems that I need to duplicate the edit page for that? kinda counter productive to have to duplicate code

When I use useForm and fetch twice call api

``` export const CancelModal = ({ subscriptions = [], membershipStateType, }: CancelModalProps) => {...

Have they released the backend setup for the CRM template with GraphQL?

Have they released the backend setup for the CRM template with GraphQL?


hey, everyone. Does anyone have any code examples on ThemedLayoutV2 styling in Nextjs 14+? All examples I see are for NextJS 12 and refine 3x. Sider is now deprecated; if I try to do something similar, I get 2 sidebars, custom, and default. It looks like Refine does not want to stop generating the default ThemedLayoutV2. I've spent all day trying to fix it.

ESLint issues with auto-generated code

The inferencers seem to generate code that conflict with popular ESLint configs which made us wonder whether we can have some more control over the code that gets generated. Currently there is code generated such as: ```TypeScript <Typography variant="body1"> <strong>{translate("home.fields.paymentTerms")}: </strong>{store?.paymentTerms ?? ""}</Typography>...

[antd: Menu] `children` is deprecated. Please use `items` instead.

It seems strange that this error is happening now when the app was serving the refine crm dummy data fine before, now that im trying to fetch my own data from a ZohoAnalytics data source instead im getting these ant library errors, but i dont see how that wasnt causing a deprication error before though?

Supabase throws error "unexpected end of input expecting field name (* or [a..z0..9_$])"

When my page loads one of the initial queries is*&offset=0&limit=10&=ilike.%25 I think the &=ilike.%25 at the end is causing the error but I cannot figure out how to remove it...

inference with Supabase

Hi, I'm trying to setup a basic crud with Supabase as data provider and antd for generating the UI's with the inferencer. Now the schema I have in postgresql, is not the public one. But with another name. I passed this name when configuring the Supabase client. But when I try to browse to the page in chrome it throws an error. In the console logs there is mentioned that the schema should be the public schema....

About the useForm hook

Is the “useForm” hook under refinedev/core and refinedev/antd packages the same?

REFINE application with NextJS can be deployed to Amazon S3? How?

I've developed REFINE application with NextJS. Now I want to deploy it to Amazon S3. Can it be deployed to Amazon S3? It contains dynamic routes such as /item/edit[id] stuffs like that.

useCustom GraphQL query

Can you show me how to go about setting up useCustom hook for this query? I'm using NestJS-Query a backend. The query: ```...