theme ant design without craco and less

Hi, I was wondering if it is possible to change the antd theme without adding craco and less (only css). As it is making build time slower and sometimes it even fails my build (out of memory). I have searched the documents and only found it by using craco and less. Thanks beforehand.
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equal-jade2y ago
Unfortunately other ways is not possible because of ant design's development language for styling. 😕
adverse-sapphire2y ago
We can't wait to the release of ant design 5 to be able to change theme with less effort. You can see whats coming here
Plan about Ant Design V5 · Issue #33862 · ant-design/ant-design
2 years ago, we've released antd v4 which bring the compact & dark theme and performance improvement. And now, it's time to plan for the furture version v5. Motivation For r...
adverse-sapphire2y ago
thank you brother. @salihozdemir @alicanerdurmaz