How to query all elements with foreign key

Hello to all, my first post here! So i have a maybe noob question but how can i query some element that has a foreign_key related to the current edit object? Ex: i'm on the edit page of a Category and i want to be able to display all properties related to this Category that lives in a table named "category_properties" Thanks!
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Omer2y ago
Hey @.fiorex 👋, Welcome, we are glad to see you! 🍻 You can use "useOne" data hook ⚡️
useOne | refine
useOne data hook from refine is a modified version of react-query's useQuery for retrieving single items from a resource
correct-apricot2y ago
Thank @Omer but i think i didn't explain well what i want to do. in the edit page of a Category i want to take all rows from another table (named CategoryProperties) that ha category_id ===
Omer2y ago
Which data provider are you using?
rising-crimson2y ago
You can override the table it looks for by passing in resource in the hook const categoryQueryResult = useList<ICategory>({ resource: "category_properties", id: 1, });