useDataGrid api response

useDataGrid Hello! I am trying to implement the useDataGrid to my CompanyList page. Although there is no error occurred, the data is not showing. I am using Laravel API so the response is usually like this: ------------------------------------------------ { "data":[ { "id":"28df5301-2f4e-4774-8ce5-ca291073ce8f", "name":"Ruecker-Larson", "category":"Small Business Enterprice", "industry":"Casting Machine Operator", "description":"Dolores sit qui delectus velit sunt eos voluptas.", "logo":null, "website":null, "is_active":"ACTIVE", "created_by":"SYSTEMBOT", "created_at":"3 weeks ago", "updated_by":"SYSTEMBOT", "updated_at":"3 weeks ago" } ], "total":2502 } ------------------------------------------------ In your example page, it shows like this [ { "id": 1, "title": "A aspernatur rerum molestiae.", "content": "Natus molestias incidunt voluptatibus. Libero delectus facilis...", "status": "published" }, { "id": 2, "title": "A molestiae vel voluptatem enim.", "content": "Voluptas consequatur quia beatae. Ipsa est qui culpa deleniti...", "status": "draft" } ] ------------------------------------------------ Is there a way I can control or map my API response? Thank you.
Omer531d ago
Hey @Sigmund 👋, Thank you for interest in refine! You can override getList function of your dataProvider ⚡️ Example:
modern-teal530d ago
Thank you @Omer . Override getList function solved my problem. Thank you.