How can I use the Material UI List component without using the Refine List component

When I want to use the <List> component of material ui, I'm getting stuck on where it import it, as whenever I import it from "@pankod/refine-mui", it uses the props that is intended for the <List> for refine. Appreciate your help on this. Thanks! import { List } from "@pankod/refine-mui"; <List sx={{ width: '100%', maxWidth: 360, bgcolor: 'background.paper' }}> <ListItem> <ListItemAvatar> <Avatar> <ImageIcon /> </Avatar> </ListItemAvatar> <ListItemText primary="Photos" secondary="Jan 9, 2014" /> </ListItem> <ListItem> <ListItemAvatar> <Avatar> <WorkIcon /> </Avatar> </ListItemAvatar> <ListItemText primary="Work" secondary="Jan 7, 2014" /> </ListItem> <ListItem> <ListItemAvatar> <Avatar> <BeachAccessIcon /> </Avatar> </ListItemAvatar> <ListItemText primary="Vacation" secondary="July 20, 2014" /> </ListItem> </List>
List | refine
`` provides us a layout to display the page. It does not contain any logic but adds extra functionalities like a create button or giving the page titles.
React List component - Material UI
Lists are continuous, vertical indexes of text or images.
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ambitious-aqua2y ago
Hey @Jams, You can import Material UI List component with MuiList name.
correct-apricot2y ago
Great! it works.. Thanks @salihozdemir