other-emerald2y ago

React Native Support

Hi, Do you have a support plan for React Native? If so, is there a target release date?
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Omer2y ago
Hey @juncture 👋, It is not on our roadmap, but if it wants to make a community, we will be happy to support it 🚀
robust-apricot12mo ago
The documentation does seem to indicate, that you can use react-native: https://refine.dev/docs/tutorial/understanding-resources/index/#resources-and-routes (In the "caution" box) Is it still the case, that it cannot be used? I have tried including it in a react-native project, but I get the error "Image is not defined"
Resources | refine
In Unit 2.4, we defined a resource to create our CRUD pages with the Inferencer component but did not explain how it works. We will take care of that in this unit and thoroughly explain the resources prop of the `` component using mock components.