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Changing the theme of refine MUI with some paid themes

Hi! We have used refine framework with MUI using the default layout and we are planning to shift to a paid themes. We don’t want to go out from the refine ecosystem as many things under it is very useful for us. Any advice on how should we start? Sample Theme: https://cra-ts.cremawork.com/signin Or this is the proper way to achieve it? ->> https://refine.dev/docs/api-reference/mui/customization/mui-custom-theme/ Thank you!
Crema Material Admin Template
Crema- React Material Admin Template
Crema is purely based on Material UI components and follows Google’s Material Design guidelines
Theme | refine
Theme specifies the color of the components, the darkness of the surfaces, level of shadow, appropriate opacity of ink elements, etc. You can either create your own Theme or use Themes that provide from Refine. There are two types of Themes: LightTheme and DarkTheme. LightTheme tend to have dark text on a light background, while DarkTheme have l...
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Thanks for the advise @yildirayunlu . We will start from here.