Firebase with refine-firebase is not working with 3.x.x

I tried both packages refine-firebase and ketenburhan/refine-firebase ketenburhan/refine-firebase is working with version 3.x but no auth provider. The error I'm getting is api.ts:146 Uncaught FirebaseError: Firebase: Need to provide options, when not being deployed to hosting via source. (app/no-options). at initializeApp (api.ts:146:25) at getApp (api.ts:206:12) at getAuth (index.ts:73:44) at new FirebaseAuth2 (firebaseAuth.js:54:32) at firebaseConfig.js?t=1669853515283:32:29 This is the way I'm initializing it export const firebaseConfig = { apiKey: "xx", authDomain: "xx", projectId: "xx", storageBucket: "xx", messagingSenderId: "x", appId: "xx", measurementId: "xx" }; export const firebaseApp = initializeFirebase(firebaseConfig); Does anyone know how to fix this? @rturan maybe?
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correct-apricot17mo ago
I will check and inform you. I released v1.1.1. And it should solve your problems