Can I display a list of posts within a category?

In this format: categories/1/posts I see only option: categories/posts
Multi Level Menu | refine
This document is related to how to create a multi-level menu for refine applications.
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ugly-tan2y ago
Hey @a77ay, with the current <Sider/> component its not possible to list the response of a query because its only rendering the resources array of <Refine /> in a tree view. If you want to add this functionality you will need to customize the default sider or create a new one. Here's a documentation for customizing and re-creating the <Sider/> I highly recommend you to try our new CLI tool and the swizzle command. It will export the <Sider /> component with all of its files into your project, ready to customize and extend the functionality. 🚀 🚀 If you don't have @pankod/refine-cli in your project, you can check this doc on how to add it manually (really simple 😅) Btw, you need to select Layout in the swizzle command to start customizing the Sider 🚀