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So I was looking at the source-code for the list-component of the refine-mantine package, looking for ways to move the header button over to the left (default position is all the way to the right (not visible to user since table horizontally overflows)). Did not see any obvious way to modify, . So I yanked that source and modified that line as a user component, achieving the effect of moving the button all the way over. I'm guessing that approach is feasible; it's like almost a precursor to going headless... Other then going headless, is there another approach?
refine/index.tsx at next · refinedev/refine
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Omer2y ago
Hey @UsererOfName 👋, You can use the swizzle command for this case ⚡️
CLI | refine
refine CLI is a command line application that allows you to interact with your refine project and perform some tasks. This includes creating a new resource, managing updates, swizzle components, and runs your project (build, start, dev).