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Hello everyone Best wishes for the new year! Could somebody help me out with a sample how to build a small application with microservices? Anything that Refine can do as a starting point? I'm trying to work on my "scalability" options to deploy a Nextjs/React app with Kubernetes so each service can be hosted in it's own pod for easy scaling and handling more traffic. Thanks!
Hi @fabiobe, refine is a frontend tool. It has nothing to do with the backend infrastructure
Hello Alican Thanks for your message! That I already figured out but there are several examples that show/discuss about a "full app" that also show about backends like supabase etc... I was just wondering if there was also some kind of a sample that shows how Refine is used in a microservice type of setup. I'm making my first steps in this and need some help with examples to make sure I'm understanding the architected/stack correct. I was hoping Refine would have something as a starting point for this.
Thanks for joinin our community, Happy new year too πŸ₯³ unfortunetly we dont have example setup about that topic. supabase is a BaaS. it's purpose to solve backend infustructre issues. refine just a frontend tool no opinion or purpose to about deployment process. you can think refine like this; It combines the most used and accepted frontend frameworks(like react-router, antd, mui, react-hook-form, react-query) and offers faster project development. Thanks to core, it offers features that must be in a frontend project. If you are rendering any react application as a microservice on the server side, the process of refine will be the same as for a regular react application.
Also the best wishes for you and your family! OK, sure no problem. If there is no example, then there simply isn't πŸ˜„ It was just an open question in the community if somebody maybe knows or has something that could help me get started with this. Last year I started rolling into React and Nextjs after working with Wordpress for over 15 years. I started gradually building headless setups and a few months ago I discovered Refine for the first time. I already did a few small test projects with Refine and I absolutely love it. But I want to go another level and start adopting micro services so I can also take full benefit of my Kubernetes cluster and build my first SaaS. So far, there is not much docs or examples available that talk about micro services, at least for what I could find. Anything I did find was either very old and outdated or very poorly documented. In any case, thanks for your feedback. And maybe some day Refine could also have some simple example with micro services πŸ˜„
Thank you for your feedback. core team will definitely consider this πŸš€ if you want to help us with this example, we are more than welcome πŸ™
@fabiobe microservices should really be exposed using a single url via an API Gateway. In that design, refine will work exactly as it does with a monolithic api design. Gateway should abstract the complexity of micro services.

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