Put request instead of Patch when using <SaveButton>

Hi Guys! I want to send put request in ...Edit.tsx page instead of patch request. Is there any short way to do it?
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xenogeneic-maroon2y ago
Hey @faize This document will be helpful🚀
xenogeneic-maroon2y ago
Omer2y ago
Hey @faize , In addition to @yildirayunlu's answer you can also try swizzle ⚡ https://refine.dev/docs/packages/documentation/cli/#swizzle
CLI | refine
refine CLI is a command line application that allows you to interact with your refine project and perform some tasks. This includes creating a new resource, managing updates, swizzle components, and runs your project (build, start, dev).
quickest-silver2y ago
@Omer @yildirayunlu Thanks both of you it works now with your help 💐 🎉