ratty-blush2y ago


Hello there! I´m back on working on my project with Refine. The thing is that I chose strapiv4 as backend and I didn´t have a good experience, such as inexistence of database transactions and self-relationships. I´m willing to experiment new dataproviders and I saw a lot of people migrating to prisma + supabase. I saw some users connected refine and prisma with graphql, but I was wondering if I lose something using supabase + refine and apis + prisma.
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Omer2y ago
Hey @albcunha , This actually depends on the needs of the project. Due to its backend agnostic approach, nothing will change for refine. My suggestion is to ask this question to Supabase
harsh-harlequin5mo ago
Hello @Albcunha , have you been able to figure it out?I trying to build an application using this same stack Refine,Supabase and Prisma