typical-coral17mo ago

Use sorter in Table.Column with compare function, prevent query

I have a sort function that I am using because my dataIndex is an array dataIndex={["pp_spec", "pp_spec_tag", "value"]} which cannot be sorted using GraphQL. I am not paginating so I just want to run the compare function to sort. This works, but the GraphQL query still runs and errors after about 5 seconds. Is there a way to prevent that query from running and just do a sort with the currently fetched data?
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other-emerald17mo ago
Hey @geoffatsource; As I understand you want a client side sort. We don't currently support it, but it's on our todo list. But you can do ths override the onChange prop. Which UI framework are you useing? Example with Antd: https://codesandbox.io/s/amazing-bhabha-ri3g6g?file=/src/pages/posts/list.tsx