Is there a better way to do nested resources?

I am trying to create routes for a couple of resources that only have a meaning if they are added to a parent resource, I´m currently creating a manual route for each but I was wondering if there is any better way in Refine to do this? I have read the docs multiple times but can´t find anything related The idea is to not show a select box to choose the parent resource id but to have it already linked via the route. Thanks for creating such a great library!
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genetic-orange445d ago
Hey @rafaelsorto Thank you for your nice comment 🙏🏼 Unfortunately, there is no better way to do this yet. However, you can do this in refine@4 version 🚀
xenial-black293d ago
@yildirayunlu I hope this isnt a bother since its such an old thread but you mentioned that this is possible in refineV4? I can't find any documentation on this in the docs, and if I use any params other then :id in the resource objects, it will not resolve the url parameter.