generous-apricot16mo ago

Can i implement useInfiniteList with useTable or useDataGrid?

The api I am using in my custom data provider does not have a way get total which useList requires. UseInfiniteList seems like the next best option. I am using cursor based pagination and UseInfiniteList support pagination I am just not sure how to integrate it into a table.
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correct-apricot16mo ago
Hey @naethan Here is an example app and detail usage. 🚀
useInfiniteList | refine
useInfiniteList data hook from refine is a modified version of TanStack Query's useInfiniteQuery for retrieving items from a resource with pagination, search, sort, and filter configurations.
Omer16mo ago
Hey @naethan , You can access our useDataGrid example made with useInfiniteList from here parrot
Cursor Pagination | refine
Cursor Pagination is a pagination method and Material UI supports it by default. This sample application shows how to use it.