sensitive-blue16mo ago

Tailwind Configuration

Hello, all! I trying to run Tailwind on my Refine project, and and even though I configured the UI framework in how its creators conveyed it, starting the DEV server stalls after the completion of the "Rebuilding..." stage. How exactly is Tailwind configured in Refine?
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Hi, I am refine support bot :wave:. I am here to help you with your question. I searched for the answer to your question in the refine documentation and found an answer! 🏆
Answer: To start the dev server, run the command npm run dev in the terminal. SOURCES: ./docs/tutorial/1-getting-started/antd/, ./docs/tutorial/1-getting-started/mui/, ./docs/tutorial/1-getting-started/chakra-ui/, ./docs/tutorial/1-getting-started/headless/

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variable-lime16mo ago
it should be same as react. for example our store example works with nextjs with tailwind if you reproduce your problem on any platform. i will happy to debug