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refine-firebase: How to use it for auth & data stored

Can you give me example to use the package refine-firebase to handle auth & CRUD on firestore. @rturan Thanks in advance!
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Hi, I am refine support bot :wave:. I am here to help you with your question. I searched for the answer to your question in the refine documentation and found an answer! 🏆
Answer: You can use the AuthProvider methods in refine-firebase to handle authentication and CRUD operations on Firestore. Examples of authentication with refine-firebase can be found in the documentation for Ant Design, Material UI, and Chakra UI. SOURCES: ./docs/examples/auth-provider/ ./docs/examples/authentication/ ./docs/examples/authentication/ ./docs/examples/authentication/

Note: If this is the answer you need, then we are very lucky. If not, please wait for someone from the refine core team or the community to try to help you.
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Hi @Tri Le ; Can you take a look this repo? If you need any help, can you give more detail about your problem.
GitHub - resulturan/refineBasic
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yelping-magenta16mo ago
Thank you @rturan . I will do it.