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Tutorial - Data provider - Axios version

Hello, I am testing Refine and just going through the tutorial 3.xx.xx. I'm at the part 3.3 where we need to install axios. The documentation says to install axios version 0.26 which is 1 year old. The current version is 1.33. Thus, I was wondering if we must stick to 0.26 for compatibility reason, or if we can upgrade to the latest. Thanks a lot.
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Hi, I am refine support bot :wave:. I am here to help you with your question. I searched for the answer to your question in the refine documentation and found an answer! 🏆
Answer: You can upgrade to the latest version of Axios. SOURCES: ./docs/tutorial/2-understanding-dataprovider/

Note: If this is the answer you need, then we are very lucky. If not, please wait for someone from the refine core team or the community to try to help you.
dependent-tan16mo ago
i don't think it would be a problem because refine don't use axios internally. but the new syntax of axios may be different from the examples in the tutorial. if you manage to migration, it's okay
national-gold16mo ago
Gotcha, Thanks a lot for the quick reply @alicanerdurmaz