flat-fuchsia16mo ago

How to add menu item for a custom page

Is there any way to add menu item for a custom page? As far as I know useMenu is only using resources.
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Answer: You can add a menu item for a custom page by passing an empty resource to the <Sider /> component. SOURCES: ./docs/advanced-tutorials/custom-pages.md

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extended-salmon16mo ago
Hey @stevechu, useMenu hook does not return your custom pages. You need to add your custom pages to sider or anywhere manually
conscious-sapphire16mo ago
Hello @stevechu you can read the documentation here: https://refine.dev/docs/advanced-tutorials/custom-pages/
Custom Pages | refine
This document is related to how to create custom pages for react applications. Since Nextjs and Remix have a file system based router built on the page concept, you can create your custom pages under the pages or routes folder.
rare-sapphire16mo ago
@stevechu there's a simple way for it but not the cleanest one 😅 If you define a resource for the custom page and set the list property with a dummy component, like;
name: "my-custom-page",
list: () => null,
name: "my-custom-page",
list: () => null,
this will add my-custom page to the Sider 🕺 🕺