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Finefoods Ant Design Admin Panel - refin...

Hi everyone, I am new to refine admin framework. My background from SPA react js and Node middleware write in typescript. I am looking for a right tool to develop Privilege Account Review and Management for company. Does refine admin support my existing restful api? And does it allow me to build custom page? So far my reference is based on Finefoods https://example.admin.refine.dev/
Finefoods Ant Design Admin Panel - refine
Web site created using refine
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deep-jadeβ€’15mo ago
Hey @KFC Kenneth. refine has full support for custom data providers and APIs. If you have a REST API, I think @pankod/refine-simple-rest will be the right choice for you. Let us know if you have any issues while developing, I'm sure we can find a solution πŸš€ Also, yeah custom pages are supported and you can create your own routes with every supported router package πŸ™
kapa.aiβ€’15mo ago
Hey @aliemirs! I'm the kapa.ai support bot. I've searched through the docs to try to answer your question. :wave: ---------------------- Refine is a great choice for building a React admin panel with Ant Design. It ships with out-of-the-box support for authentication, i18n, routing, and state management. You can use the refine command line tool to quickly get up and running with a basic refine project. To customize the admin panel, you can use Superplate to create a refine project. To do this, run the following command in your terminal:
npx superplate-cli admin
npx superplate-cli admin
Then, follow the prompts to select your project type, name, package manager, UI framework, router provider, data provider, auth provider, example pages, customized layout, and i18n. Once you have created the project, you can run the following commands to get started:
cd admin
npm run dev
cd admin
npm run dev
You can then modify the default settings to suit your needs. For example, you can add a listing page in refine for the companies crud end-point. To do this, add the following code to /admin/src/pages/companies/list.tsx: ``` import { useGetLocale, useSetLocale } from "@pankod/refine-core";
import {
} from "@pankod/refine-antd";
import { useTranslation } from "react-i18next";

const { DownOutlined } = Icons;

interface HeaderProps {
role: string;

export const Header: React.FC<HeaderProps> = ({ role }) => {
const { i18n } = useTranslation();
const locale = useGetLocale();
const changeLanguage = useSetLocale();

const currentLocale = locale();

const menu = (
<Menu selectedKeys={[currentLocale]}>
{[...(i18n.languages || [])].sort().map((lang: string) => (
<Menu.Item key={lang} onClick={() => changeLanguage(lang)}>
{lang === "en" ? "English" : "German"}

return (
display: "flex",
justifyContent: "space-between",
alignItems: "center",
padding: "0px 24px",
height: "48px",
backgroundColor: "#FFF",
onChange={(event) => {
localStorage.setItem("role", event.target.value);
<Radio.Button value="admin">Admin</Radio.Button>
<Radio.Button value="editor">Editor</Radio.Button>
<Dropdown overlay={menu}>
<Button type="link">
{currentLocale === "en" ? "English" : "German"}
<DownOutlined />
</Button ----------------------
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reduced-jadeβ€’15mo ago
Thank you @aliemirs, I will use Refine admin for my company' project. May I know if using with Inferencer to generate CRUD pages for my MongoDB collections, do my api need to all POST, GET, PATCH, DELETE in order to make the automation work? Thank you for your reply.