sunny-green15mo ago

Hi There How can I remove i18n Provider

Hi There, How can I remove i18n Provider from my app? By mistake I add it.
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stormy-gold15mo ago
IF you are just started, you can create a new project with CLI and don't select i18N
kapa.ai15mo ago
Hey @batuhanw! I'm the support bot. I've searched through the docs to try to answer your question. :wave:
kapa.ai15mo ago
---------------------- You can remove the i18nProvider property from your refine-config file. To do this, open the refine-config file located in the src folder of your project and remove the i18nProvider property. For more information, refer to the Refine documentation ( on refine-config. ----------------------
| refine
`` component is the entry point of a refine app. It is where the highest level of configuration of the app occurs.
kapa.ai15mo ago
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