Remove Refine Watermark

Hey I am developing a University Project with Refine. I need do remove the Refine Watermark. How can I do this?
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kapa.ai15mo ago
Hey @eliot0801! I'm the support bot. I've searched through the docs to try to answer your question. :wave:
kapa.ai15mo ago
---------------------- Hmm, I don't know enough to give you a confident answer yet. However, you can explore the refine documentation ( for more information on customization and layout options. ----------------------
Overview | refine
What is refine?
kapa.ai15mo ago
<@244579825140891648> is still learning and improving, please let us how it did by reacting below
conscious-sapphire15mo ago
Hello @eliot0801 , check your App.tsx file or search for “GitHubBanner”
flat-fuchsia15mo ago
did the trick. Thank you sm!