Hello I m studying if Refine is a good

Hello, I'm studying if Refine is a good option for an internal admin panel I'm creating. This application will not necessarily have only CRUD actions and will also be able to interact with several external APIs, for example, so I want to know how I can create custom actions using Refine and if this is simple/possible or better than creating from scratch. PS. A simple example that I thought that if I understood it I would be able to adapt it to any other more complex action, is to have just a form with a text field, where I type an email address and, when I click on a button ,it make a POST request to an API that sends an email to the email address given in the input. How can I do this with Refine? Is it simpler/faster than doing it in an application from scratch ?
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Ofcourse, this example is very fundamental and you can create multiple data provider to iteract with several API. I suggest you to follow our tutoral https://refine.dev/docs/getting-started/quickstart/
Quick Start Guide | refine
refine works on any environment that can run React (incl. CRA, Next.js, Remix, Vite etc.)

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