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SOLVED nothing to do with Refine it was

SOLVED: nothing to do with Refine, it was Expo cache issue, options to disable both work fine on Expo/react native I am not sure where should I write it so I am going with #general πŸ˜‰ I am using Refine v4 in Expo/React Native app. It works as expected for web, but for mobile app I run into errors concering Telemetry (use of Image) and React Query Dev Tools (use of window functions). Disabling both didn't solve the isseue, as they were still present in dist production bundle and cause error. After removing both blocks app runs more or less as expected (still have problem firth firebase, but that is refine-firebase issue possibly). I will investigate further, so I have some solid feedback or pull request, just letting you know. Maybe anyone run into similar issues?
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like-goldβ€’13mo ago
We have plans to support React Native in the future, but currently, we haven't tested with React Native. Of course, you can open an issue, and we would be happy to debug. However, as I mentioned before, we haven't tested with React Native, and it is not our current priority. If the issue is complex and requires a considerable amount of time, I don't know if we can prioritize react-native issues. But, we will discuss with the core team. refine-firebase is developed by the community, not the core team. But the developer behind it is quite active. πŸ˜„ I'm happy to hear that
Omerβ€’13mo ago
I think you are our first React Native user. Congrats! parrot
flat-fuchsiaβ€’13mo ago
Happy to provide feedback, but so far my usage is limited to DataProvider, and AuthProvider (both firebase) and my custom NotificationProvider build for Gluestack-UI Toast
flat-fuchsiaβ€’13mo ago
I found what was the issue with refine-firebase:
Allow for inMemoryPersistence by michalkow Β· Pull Request #12 Β· res...
Add an option to have inMemoryPersistence for React Native, since browser persistence causes errors. My solution is not the most elegant, but would preserve the default option and only use inMemory...
adverse-sapphireβ€’13mo ago
Hello,nice work ,so can you confirm that we can use refine in react native without bridge or any adding lib in adnroid or ios ?
flat-fuchsiaβ€’13mo ago
I am on Expo 48.0.15, and React Native 0.71.8, Refine works out-of-the-box, tested for web and android, didn't have time to test on ios yet. Just need to set disableTelemetry: true and devtoolConfig: false
correct-apricotβ€’12mo ago
Hello @.michalkow , happy to hear that you had smooth experience! If you like to contribute to the refine, feel free to create a react-native example in our examples directory, that would be great and highly appreciated! πŸ™
adverse-sapphireβ€’12mo ago
Plz can you share the demo or just write some readme in GitHub ,I think it’s a good think
flat-fuchsiaβ€’12mo ago
I will try to put something together next week
rival-blackβ€’11mo ago
Hej MichaΕ‚, Did you had any issues when tryign to use Firebase AuthProvider? I'm getting "Firebase: Error (auth/missing-email)" when trying to login with Google Sign-In.
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flat-fuchsiaβ€’10mo ago
@graym. Hey! Sorry I was not on Discord in a while, I hope you solved it, but just in case - you need to use legacy version of firebase auth