refine + next.js

Hi guys, we've been testing Refine for a project recently doing standard CRA. Lately I've been toying with Next.js to see how that could benefit my application. Whats refine and next.js relation and how do they work together? Seem to me like taking advantage of the next.js SSR/SSC makes refine a bit redundant? or can you use refines useList/useTable etc on server side the same way? Please help me understand 🙂
wise-white207d ago
Hey @grimsby6545, refine doesn't get in the way with any of the benefits you're about to get from your choice of framework. we have a great next.js integration and you can benefit the SSR and SSG methods not just for data fetching but also for authentication or any other fields you might need. Let me guide you to one of our documentations about the Next.js integration. You can also find examples and test it out yourself 🚀 Next.js Router Docs: You can find a simple example code in the How to make SSR work? section to see how to use getServerSideProps with useTable 🎉
Next.js | refine
refine provides router bindings and utilities for Next.js. This package will provide easy integration between refine and Next.js for both existing projects and new projects without giving up the benefits of Next.js.
correct-apricot207d ago
Thanks! But does refine utilize tenstacks useSuspenseQuery to utilize Suspense?