Hi, can anyone help with how to change

Hi, can anyone help with how to change page title in head tag in refine v4
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kapa.ai9mo ago
Hi @Batu. I'm kapa.ai, your friendly support bot. I will try to answer your question by searching through the knowledge base. :wave:
automatic-azure9mo ago
Hello @sadiq_46890 DocumentTitleHandler and it's hook may help you. See it here: https://refine.dev/docs/packages/documentation/routers/react-router-v6/#documenttitlehandler You can also use #ask-any-question channel and refer to our documentation for help.
React Router v6 | refine
refine provides router bindings and utilities for React Router v6. It is built on top of the react-router-dom package. This package will provide easy integration between refine and react-router-dom for both existing projects and new projects.
kapa.ai9mo ago
Sorry @Batu, I seem to be having a bit of trouble. Don't worry though, I've pinged my supprt and they will try to fix me up! :technologist: Perhaps try again in 15mins?