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is refine easy to translate to a mobile app?

is refine easy to translate to a mobile app?
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kapa.ai6mo ago
Hi @ionut_51249. I'm, your friendly support bot. I will try to answer your question by searching through the knowledge base. :wave: ---------------------- Hmm, I don't know enough to give you a confident answer yet. The provided extracts do not contain specific information about translating a Refine application to a mobile app. However, Refine is a React-based framework, and React has a popular variant called React Native for mobile app development. But whether Refine supports or can be easily translated to React Native is not specified in the extracts. For more detailed information, you may want to check the official Refine documentation ( ---------------------- Note: you can ask me a follow up question by @ mentioning me again :speech_balloon: ----------------------
kapa.ai6mo ago
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Hello @ionut_51249 we have a community package for react-native:
DEV Community
Refine Native
What I built I build a library for Refine that allows users to use the power of Refine to...