continuing-cyan5mo ago

Hello, i need some help connecting my

Hello, i need some help connecting my app to appwrite. I am using the template and is ok when i use it. But changing the APPWRITE_PROJECT and APPWRITE_URL in appwriteClient.ts to my personal appwrite keeps getting me CORS issue. What else should i change?
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flat-fuchsia5mo ago
Hello @bsean04 this is not an issue with Refine. If you make a search on google with Appwrite CORS issue, I'm sure you will find plenty answers.
genetic-orange5mo ago
@Batu thanks for the help. For some reason it is functioning after i deleted the compiled library after running npm run dev. So perhaps it was cache issue on my side
flat-fuchsia5mo ago
@bsean04 great to hear your issue is resolved! If you have more questions, you can use #ask-any-question , we have a bot to answer questions, and we try to answer questions if bot's answer isn't sufficient.