exotic-emerald5mo ago

Backend for the CRM example

hi friends, does anyone know if the source code of the backend for the CRM example is public? I'd love to see how the stack and backend is setup to support this app
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quickest-silver5mo ago
Hey @bryan_3mavericks, we haven't open sourced the backend of the CRM app but we're using Nest.js Query on top of Nest.js with minimal customization. I think @Batu can give more info about the structure 🙏
inland-turquoise5mo ago
Hey @bryan_3mavericks you can see the full API schema here: https://api.crm.refine.dev/graphql As @aliemirs mentioned, nothing fancy there. You can check the details here: https://refine.dev/docs/data/packages/nestjs-query/#backend-configuration
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Refine provides a data provider for APIs powered with Nest.js Query, a module for Nest.js that provides easier ways to build CRUD graphql APIs.
optimistic-gold5mo ago