@cory882 do you know how to make a

@cory882 do you know how to make a multiple stacked sidebars using mui?
unwilling-turquoise99d ago
Hey @dc_alexyt, @refinedev/mui's layout and sidebar only uses one sidebar with multi-level item support but if you need to have multiple ones stacked on each other, you'll need to create one yourself. Check out the Swizzle section of the UI Libraries guide here https://refine.dev/docs/guides-concepts/ui-libraries/#using-the-swizzle-command It will export the current components of the layout to your project and you'll be able to modify them according to your needs 🚀 Currently, there's no example of stacked sidebars with Material UI but if you end up creating one for yourself, we'd love to have it showcased in our repo if you open a PR 🚀 🙏
sunny-green99d ago
Thankyou. In that case I will try myself creating one. @aliemirs also do you know is it possible to have a navbar inside the navbar? something like we have a side bar and and if we click on the menu section there can be more options something like a switch between 5 pages