hey i am new to refine, but i want you

hey i am new to refine, but i want you suggestion between chakra and antd design. which one should i choose. in terms of size and perfomance which one better?
wise-white92d ago
Hello @M Farhan Zachary, it's really depends on the context and requirements. Refine supports both of them. You can search google to make your decision, here is an example blog post: https://medium.com/@dinothan1/comparison-between-material-ui-ant-design-and-chakra-ui-for-react-js-b8fdfb8c556c
Comparison between Material UI, Ant Design and Chakra UI for React JS
Frontend development starts with UI/UX design. UI/UX design helps to understand the business requirements, and user flow and choose the…
generous-apricot92d ago