1. Adding List Page | refine

What am I doing wrong? I am following the tutorial and I just created the list page: https://refine.dev/docs/tutorial/adding-crud-pages/headless/index/#creating-the-list-page Now I am trying to add the list page to the app: https://refine.dev/docs/tutorial/adding-crud-pages/headless/index/#adding-the-list-page-to-the-app There is no src/App.tsx, so I assume you mean pages/_app.tsx? But my _app.tsx doesn't look at all like the documentation. There is no BrowserRouter and thus no way in insert my routes.
1. Adding List Page | refine
In Unit 2.4, we created the CRUD pages automatically with Inferencer, and now we will do it manually by using the code generated by Inferencer to customize those pages freely.
absent-sapphire91d ago
It seems you created NextJS application. Follow the instructions here to create tutorial application. https://refine.dev/docs/tutorial/getting-started/headless/create-project/#launch-the-refine-cli-setup
3. Creating your Refine project | refine
Launch the Refine CLI setup
stormy-gold91d ago
I need a NextJS application though. Is there a tutorial for NextJS?