Hi, I need guidance for making dashboard

Hi, I need guidance for making dashboard in next js I want to use custom auth(REST), headlesss ui to style as per design requirement I know refine using react query which is great - I find refine AuthPage component has many built in component like LoginPage, ForgetPasswordPge, RegisterPage etc - I honestly didn't get how those work - i found tutorial about how to do login, resgister with auth provider.ts, but that is doing from scratch So should i write from scratch or use already made componets ?
xenial-black76d ago
Hey @DasTapan please see our authentication guides & concepts page, it should give you a good idea. https://refine.dev/docs/guides-concepts/authentication/
Authentication | Refine
Authentication is the process of verifying the identity of a user or client. It's a critical component of security, ensuring that only authorized users can access certain features or data within the application. Whether you are building a complex enterprise-level application or a simple CRUD interface, Refine's authentication system provides the...