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up to date supabase nextjs implementation of refine?

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kapa.ai3mo ago
Hi @dooby. I'm, your friendly support bot. I will try to answer your question by searching through the knowledge base. :wave: ---------------------- Hmm, I don't know enough to give you a confident answer yet. However, for detailed guidance on implementing Refine with Supabase, including any specific configurations for Next.js, I recommend checking the official Refine documentation and examples which are rich resources for learning how to integrate Refine with various backends including Supabase. Here are some starting points that might help: - For a general introduction to using Supabase as a data provider with Refine, you can start here: Supabase Introduction ( - To see an example of how to connect your Supabase database with Refine, you might find this example useful: Supabase Data Provider Example ( - For setting up Supabase for your Refine project, this blog post could provide some insights: Setting Up Supabase for Refine ( These resources should provide a good foundation for integrating Supabase with Refine, including scenarios involving Next.js, by following the general principles of connecting Refine to a Supabase backend. ---------------------- Note: you can ask me a follow up question by @ mentioning me again :speech_balloon: ----------------------
kapa.ai3mo ago
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