solid-orange3mo ago

Hey, general questions about the dev

Hey, general questions about the dev tools. Why does it require a github or google login. I am using refine in an enterprise setting and wondering is any active data from the app sent anywhere externally when running the dev tools?
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ratty-blush3mo ago
Hey @Joe Gaffney we've added login to DevTools because we have plans to implement personalized features.
afraid-scarlet3mo ago
Hey @Batu , is there any metrics taken from the code base or usage then? Is it possibly to use the dev tools without a login? It seems pretty handy, but doubt i will be able to convince my workplace to allow me using it. As it's a bit unclear
ratty-blush3mo ago
Hey @Joe Gaffney, DevTools doesn't have any additional telemetry data for your codebase other than Refine's default telemetry for core library and cli tools (which can be disabled). You can check our telemetry documentation to see details.