Hey, how do you run cypress tests in

Hey, how do you run cypress tests in refine/examples? When I try to run cypress in any example, I get same error as in issue https://github.com/cypress-io/cypress/issues/8599. I managed to solve it by: 1. exporting refine/cypress/support/e2e.ts 2. creating fixCypress.ts in refine/examples/specific-example and importing mentioned export 3. pointing cypress.config.ts: supportFile (in specific example) to newly created fixCypress.ts Is anyone else encountering same error or am I doing something wrong?
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like-gold2mo ago
Hello @beg1c, sorry for the confusion. first you need to run example after that you can open directory of that example and you can run npm run cypress you can find documentation of "how to run examples" on here https://refine.dev/docs/guides-concepts/contributing/#starting-the-packages-and-examples-in-watch-mode