Hi, I'm stuck while trying to re create the backend for the CRM example (really don't understand wjh

Hi, I'm stuck while trying to re create the backend for the CRM example (really don't understand wjhy the team is reluctant to make it public). Could someone help me out with it, please?
Hello guys, first of all thanks for an amazing project. I asked a question in ask-any-question channel but bot didn't answer correctly on it can I ask devs if there is available anybody?
They’ll respond when they’ll have an answer
Hello. My name is Mateo. Handle is Flutterbots. I was introduced to Refine.dev and cannot believe it. Nice work! We're currently using Angular but I'm a React developer. I'm a technical lead at my company and I am working on a POC to see if Refine will work as the architecture for our product. I'm following the example on the website for the authentication piece but I'm getting this error: "Warning: validateDOMNesting(...): <form> cannot appear as a descendant of <form>." Looking for help to get it resolved. But I'm also new here and so please tell me if I need to do something differently. Thanks!
I just have a question why the vite template doesn't include i18n when using the CLI?
Hello everyone, we would be very happy if you write your questions on the #ask-any-question channel. it is much easier to follow from there.
Hello, I just verified my email on #start-here but am still unable to post on most channels, did I miss smoething ?
I got axios error with invoice generator app https://invoice-generator.refine.dev/
refine - Build your React-based CRUD applications, wit...
refine | Build your React-based CRUD applications, without constraints.
there is a problem with login!
hello folks, I am just discovering refine's app-crm and i have a couple of beginner's queries. the are: 1) where is all the data being stored in the react app-crm? 2) i did not see an option to add employees in the administrator section in the UI, so is it hard embedded in the code? Thank you
CRM Application
Build React-based internal tools, admin panels, dashboards & B2B apps with unmatched flexibility.
hey guys anybody faacing a problem with auth? i'm using demo authCredintials but it says email doesn't exist?
are we supposed to have the database structure already made with our relations and tables? or how does this integrate with a backend or data provider such as supabase or pocketbase? how does refine know where to create the table, how to create relations. etc..
devtools can't login devtools version: 1.x I form my info, but no response
Can someone from the team please review https://github.com/refinedev/refine/pull/5765#issuecomment-2024330161. I want to ensure this is handled before the release cycle if parts of the bug were missed. Thanks.
refactor(packages): update package.json configuration with proper E...
Updated package configuration for ESM and CJS Updated tsup config to bundle with proper extensions Removed unused iife bundle Added @tabler/icons-react CJS replacement plugin Replaced @refinedev/li...
hi, i created a project using vite and i'm trying to edit the sider but can't find the dir "components/layout/sider"
i found this on github https://github.com/refinedev/refine/blob/master/packages/mui/src/components/themedLayoutV2/sider/index.tsx i don't wan't to re create it i just want to edit the css styles of the existed sider
refine/packages/mui/src/components/themedLayoutV2/sider/index.tsx a...
A React Framework for building internal tools, admin panels, dashboards & B2B apps with unmatched flexibility. - refinedev/refine

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