[FEAT] Codegen with OpenAPI · Issue #562...

Hey, interested in this one as well https://github.com/refinedev/refine/issues/5623 if there was someway to consume the service method signatures. @Batu mentioned some ideas on the ticket in the road map? Maybe there is some clever way thought up by the refine team.
[FEAT] Codegen with OpenAPI · Issue #5623 · refinedev/refine
Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe. Given an OpenAPI spec, we should be able to codegen pages. We can later tune them for our own efficiency, but at the bare minimum it s...
fascinating-indigo45d ago
I stumbled upon this https://github.com/7nohe/openapi-react-query-codegen I know refine uses react query under the hood. But thinking of how I can leverage openapi spec fully with it. Obviously types can be uses on the hooks for the return data. But for method and route signatures, im not sure.
GitHub - 7nohe/openapi-react-query-codegen: Node.js library that ge...
Node.js library that generates React Query (also called TanStack Query) hooks based on an OpenAPI specification file. - 7nohe/openapi-react-query-codegen