So if you want your team to go full

So if you want your team to go full refine for all new projects is it just best to go with Vite?
apparent-cyanā€¢31d ago
It is debatable whether Vite or NextJS is better, but Vite is definitely easier. Because: Nextjs 14 App Router uses RSC (React server components) by default and we cannot use react state with RSC. Refine's data hooks and many other features are dependent on React state, so we don't use most of Refine's features with RSC for this reason. Our example here is with nextjs 14 and app router. Authentication is done in RSC but data fetching is done from the client. I want to do the data fetching of this project in RSC in the coming weeks. hopefully it will be a better example then
xenial-blackā€¢30d ago
Thank you so much for the insights @Alican Erdurmaz Iā€™m so impressed with refine
apparent-cyanā€¢30d ago
I'm glad to hear that. We are open to all suggestions šŸ‘‹