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Hi. I created a project using vite, but

Hi. I created a project using vite, but when i try to npm run build I get this error: src/contexts/color-mode/index.tsx:55:13 - error TS2322: Type '{ zIndexPopup?: number | undefined; colorFillContentHover?: string | undefined; colorFillAlter?: string | undefined; colorFillContent?: string | undefined; colorBgContainerDisabled?: string | undefined; ... 480 more ...; colorErrorBgActive: string; }' is not assignable to type 'Partial<ComponentToken> & Partial<AliasToken> & { algorithm?: boolean | MappingAlgorithm | MappingAlgorithm[] | undefined; }'. …
 Type 'import("/Users/bogdanripa/git/refine/client/node_modules/@refinedev/antd/node_modules/antd/es/theme/interface/index").MappingAlgorithm' is not assignable to type 'import("/Users/bogdanripa/git/refine/client/node_modules/antd/es/theme/interface/index").MappingAlgorithm'. Property 'colorErrorBgActive' is missing in type 'import("/Users/bogdanripa/git/refine/client/node_modules/@refinedev/antd/node_modules/antd/es/theme/interface/maps/index").MapToken' but required in type 'import("/Users/bogdanripa/git/refine/client/node_modules/antd/es/theme/interface/maps/index").MapToken'. 55 Affix: { ~ node_modules/antd/es/theme/interface/maps/colors.d.ts:411:5 411 colorErrorBgActive: string; ~~~~~~ 'colorErrorBgActive' is declared here.
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Hey @Bogdan Ripa, here's the related PRs for this error: Due to some errors in antd's bundles we had to pin the antd version to 5.16.5. This issue is now resolved and we've prepared this pr to unpin the version. This change will be included to our next release (PR here The release will be done by the end of this week. Until the change is released, you can pin down the antd version to 5.16.5 to make sure @refinedev/antd and your project is using the same versions.
npm i --save-exact antd@5.16.5
npm i --save-exact antd@5.16.5