Hi everyone! I'm Lucas, a backend

Hi everyone! I'm Lucas, a backend developer who is dealing with a backoffice card in the job. I'm very beginner with Refine but experinced with react and next. I'm facing an issue when I try to deploy the development I did, when I see the logs from the pods (kubernetes) when the app its starting (with refine start --port 8080) it seems like the start process try to create a folder with the path pathToApp/.config/refine-update-notifier-nodejs, it fails because the permissions of the FS which are setted to readonly. Can anyone tell me what this folder is for? there is a way to disable that folder creation? thanks in advance for any answer you can gave me
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ambitious-aqua3w ago
Hey @qmarquez sorry for the late response, you can set UPDATE_NOTIFIER_IS_DISABLED ENV variable to "true" to disable it. https://github.com/refinedev/refine/blob/master/packages/cli/src/update-notifier/index.tsx
refine/packages/cli/src/update-notifier/index.tsx at master · refin...
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