optimistic-gold2mo ago

I am reviewing the schema.types.ts file

I am reviewing the schema.types.ts file so as to properly create Postgresql tables, columns, column attributes, and default values, and I see that in the Refine JS app-crm-minimal demo, there is over 4000 lines of code. How are people creating working Postgres db to align with the grapqhl schemas? Is there a way to import this file into hasura or create a script that looks over this file and outputs the proper info needed to generate working tables in Postgres?
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deep-jade2mo ago
Hey @grq79 we used nestjs-query package to generate backend. See the relevant section of documentation here: https://refine.dev/docs/data/packages/nestjs-query/#backend-configuration
Nest.js Query | Refine
Refine provides a data provider for APIs powered with Nest.js Query, a module for Nest.js that provides easier ways to build CRUD graphql APIs.
eager-peach2mo ago
@Batu Thank you for the link. I will look it over. I truly appreciate it.
correct-apricot2mo ago
mannn maybe I just dont really understand graphql or just a missing that whole side of my fullstack knowedge but I can't for the life of me figure out how to generate a backend at all. Does anyone have a tutorial? Or can get on discord with me 😭