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Pass JWT token to dataprovider

How can I pass the jwt token to the simple-rest dataprovider when making a request?

get api url in auth provider

How can I get the dataprovider's api url inside the auth provider

How to call an endpoint after onClick

I have the following button <Button size="small" color="green"...

custom sidebar in #nextjs /refine

How to custom the sidebar inside nextjs version #nextjs

How to use CloneButton?

Clone page didn't render initial value

OnSucess not called

Here onSuccess if not called the successNotification is. mutate( { resource: api/push/${collection},...


How to customize success notification after edit a resource

Access non-resource data via supabase

I'm trying to query my "user_types" table to see the current type of my user, but useCustom requires not a function but an api url, which I am not using since I am using supabase.

GPTFine - Is this up-to-date?

There's a GPT available on the OpenAI marketplace called GPTFine, does anyone know if this has been provided the latest documentation? I can see there's in the docs but it's a bit annoying not to have chat history and have to chat with it through a modal.

How can I show a menu item in disabled state in sidebar?

I am using Antd with Refine. I want to opt for disabled state using meta in resources, like, {
name: "users",
list: "/users",
meta: {
label: "Users", ...


HEy theuse select is not working it shows only a single data

May I use this article? Hello, I was recently impressed after reading a post on the react design patterns of refine. Thank you for writing a good article. However, I felt uncomfortable reading the article only with the translation function supported by the web browser. So, I want to translate the article into Korean and post it on my personal blog with the ring of One letter, is that okay? Or if there is a better way, please suggest it....

Are there any examples of authentication using Django Rest Framework?

Any tips/direction on authenticating using Django's auth system or DRF?

Which NPM package contains the refine binary?

I need to move the Refine base binary / package to an air-gapped system. When creating a Refine app using npx and create-refine-app, the refine binary is dropped into one's NPM bin. However, I'd like to know what the corresponding package is that provides this binary. npm install create-refine-app does not appear to contain any binaries. Your help is appreciated.

I got this error, althought I fill the env.local file with the data, I use nextjs

I wonder what's the issue is? I read that next js automatically handle env variables
No description

useDataGrid & React Query Stale Time

Hello, I am running into an issue with useDataGrid (Material UI) and React Query. I am specifying the stale time as 5 minutes as given below. However every time I navigate to the page containing grid component, I can see React Query firing a query to refresh the cache. It does not wait for 5 minutes which is what I was expecting. const { dataGridProps, filters, setFilters, setCurrent } = useDataGrid<DataType>({ sorters: { initial: initialSorters,...

useCustomMutation authorization issue

Hello, I am using GraphQL, and I want to send a mutation to verify the two-factor authentication of a user then logs him in, everything is good with the backend, it works well when testing with postman, but when trying to implement it in my refine app I get "Unauthorized" error despite passing the Authorization bearer token in the headers, here is what I do: ```ts loginTwoFactorAuthentication({...

Any suggestions for report designer integration in refine?

any suggestions for report designer integration in refine, We are loooking for something like ActiveReport JS which can work with Refine!

Issue with Keycloak Authentication and Custom Login in React Refine

I'm experiencing an issue with Keycloak authentication in my React Refine application. I use a custom login flow that interacts with an API endpoint to authenticate users and retrieve tokens. However, after login, keycloak.authenticated remains false, and the user is not recognized as authenticated. Additionally, on refreshing the page, the user is redirected to the login screen again. When I don't use custom login, so I do from keycloak login flow, useKeycloak hook is populated as exacted. Thank you in advance!...

Passing query options to auth provider methods

Hi everyone, I am working on implementing a custom auth provider for my refine app. One of my requirements is to be able to check for an auth token in the check method of the auth provider, and I would like to be able to pass some react query options to the check method (mainly override the stale time and force the refetch on window focus) - Is there a way to do this? I can see the check query cached but it has default options at the moment....