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image is not uploading

giving error Unhandled Runtime Error Error: Not implemented on refine-supabase data provider. ...

integrate antd time picker

How can I set value from antd TimePicker to the corresponding Form.Item value?

Cypress checking if the user is authenticated in end to end test for custom auth

Hi, I would like to create end to end tests using cypress to check if my login is working, but I was wondering how I can check in refine if the user is currently authenticated. No localstorage.

next js Hi This code is for auth-provider in a nextjs refinedev app. ...

How to extend CRUD filter

How to extend CRUD filter

Can i deploy to ec2instance

How can i deploy to ec2 instance using docker images

graphql backend

How do I rebuild the backend of the CRM template app.

mutate causes redraw

Mutate causes redraw before it resolves `` const pushConfirmed = (value): void => { const mutationMode: any = "pessimistic"; mutate({ resource: api/push/${props.collection}`,...

ReferenceError , require not defined

In local environment , my project works fine when I tried by hosting via Amplify it was working until when I used aws apollo client and graphql dependencies , now it is giving ReferenceError , require not defined error when deployed from Amplify , how to handle this ?

Example Projects

Should I create a project and install refine before installing examples?
When I install example projects should I install inside my current project or keep any example installs in directories outside of my project?...

Stuck in login page

Hi, i have a problem where i am stuck on the login page of my app even though its already login success, it just redirects me to dashboard then back to login again. here is the source code


Jsut started the install to Refine. Chose data-provider-nestjs-query, antd, no example pages, and npm intall, auth provider custom I got invalid session token trying to login via github/gooogle on a Windows machine.

Strapi v4 with with SSO

How can I setup Strapi v4 with provider to use SSO like Google and Facebook on refine sign up screens ?

I just set up devtools on my local project here but when I open them it sends me to login but then

it redirects because its trying to sign in via github to devtools and it just redirects, I guess its not accessing as its all local

@refinedev/mui always throws an error during tests

When I'm writing tests with vitest and react testing library, as soon as I wrap a component with the refine provider it starts throwing this error. Does anyone know how to fix this? ``` Error: Directory import '/home/dev/software/services/marketplace/nodemodules/.pnpm/@refinedev+mui@5.15.1@emotion+react@11.11.4@emotion+styled@11.11.5@mui+lab@5.0.0-alpha.170_ap3fpruar6oljtcbusiih2zudm/node_modules/@mui/material/Box' is not supported resolving ES modules imported from /home/dev/software/services/marketplace/nodemodules/.pnpm/@refinedev+mui@5.15.1@emotion+react@11.11.4@emotion+styled@11.11.5@mui+lab@5.0.0-alpha.170_ap3fpruar6oljtcbusiih2zudm/node_modules/@refinedev/mui/dist/index.mjs Did you mean to import "@mui/material/node/Box/index.js"?...
No description

Display media on upload

I have the below code and I would like to display the refreshed data (including the new upload) when the image is uploaded. Can this be done with a hook or should I use a set state? const {data} = useList<IMedia>({ resource: "media", });...

change the typography font of refine next app

I need to change the typography text in my app but i m not sure that i should to change it in theme using antdesign

refine | Build your React-based CRUD applications, without constraints

what file is this in if I hard code it out "refine | Build your React-based CRUD applications, without constraints."