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UI constraints

I want to develop the following two UIs for my use case. One of them is a group booking UI and the other is a messaging system connecting me to travelers over Whatsapp similar to intercom.I want to use Shadcn UI. Is it possible in refine?
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Refine v3 (CRA) compatibility with Refine v4 (Vite)

I'm new to Refine, following a JavaScript Mastery course to learn the ropes, on setting up I discovered that CRA is now deprecated and unable to work with v4, and after trying to set up v3 and was met with a barrage of errors that I was unable to get to the root of, possibly because of the deprecated nature of CRA. I went with v4 and Vite instead because I figured it was the next best thing. But the setup and the file structure was so different that I couldn't go about customising the elements l...

Login route disable to query param

I would like to disable the to route query param that is given to the login for some specific routes (or all routes), using react-router-dom

session token auth How can I use a session token as a authorization header when creating a new graphql client?

how to get route component to react to sidebar expansion?

Depending on the components on the page, the route, including the header, takes the full width of the page and the sidebar shows up correctly, but has a width of 0. I'm confused and annoyed. See how the sidebar is in front of the route and header in this case... it's annoying. It doesn't do that for other pages with some standard mui content. If I remove the table on this page, it works too....
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how to change sidebar project name?

I want Refine Project name change ''ADMIN"

Login/logout redirect with next-auth credentials

I'm trying to implement next-auth with credentials provider. I have another server dedicated for authenticate, and Refine will make request to that server to authenticate user: ``` const authOptions = { providers: [...

useTranslation from documentation does not exist

I'm trying to use the useTranslation hook just like in the documentation. I've followed all the steps, and inside the Header component I'm trying to do import { useTranslation } from '@refinedev/core';, and then :
const { i18n, getLocale, changeLocale } = useTranslation();
const currentLocale = getLocale();
const { i18n, getLocale, changeLocale } = useTranslation();
const currentLocale = getLocale();

How to calling refetch when I create action after?

``` export const PointsModal = ({ type, point_id, order_id, member_id }: PointsModalProps) => { const { register, setValue,...

Show API error code

If my API returns a 400 or 500 error, I want the fly-in error popup in Refine to show the error code, ideally along with the message. Currently it just says error code undefined

Make Custom Item in Form Item

how to make this ``` <Form.Item label="Status" name={["status"]}...

refine use supabase for authProvider and nest js query for dataProvider

Can use supabase for authProvider and NestJS-Query for dataProvider in one project?

Vercel deployment failing

Forked my own copy of the app-crm template, made a few customizations and now looking to deploy to vercel but I keep getting this error from them: error TS6305: Output file '/vercel/path0/app-crm/vite.config.d.ts' has not been built from source file '/vercel/path0/app-crm/vite.config.ts'. The file is in the program because: Matched by include pattern 'vite.config.ts' in '/vercel/path0/app-crm/tsconfig.json'...

When is getIdentity called

When exactly is getIdentity from auth provider called?

Header menu

how to insert a menu in the header

Make title not collapse

How can I make the ThemedTitleV2 still show the full text at the top of the page even when the ThemedSiderV2 is collapsed?

Refine MUI Delete button on list page disappeared after updating to latest version.

After updating the refine to latest version, I can not find delete button on the list page. why?

MUI DataGrid Colume Resize

Hello, Now I'm developing dashboard for Farm Management and I'd like to make the DataGrid columns to be resizable. How can I make this? I tried to make it, but failed. ...

Devtools without login

Is there a way to use Devtools without logging in and creating a profile?

login image

How to change the login page image and the header image? Im using strapi auth